Good Neighbor Program

HMS PTA Good Neighbor Number: 7467

HMS PTA receives close to $1000 each year from the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program. Simply link your loyalty card and phone number to HMS PTA, & Tom Thumb will donate 1% of purchases back to HMS.  

How to enroll:

1.  Complete this form to link your Tom Thumb loyalty account to Heritage Middle School PTA. 

2.  Don't know your loyalty/remarkable card number?  Call Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929.

3.  Return the form to the Tom Thumb Customer Service Desk at your local store or email it to

About the Program

Tom Thumb believes in working together with our customers to support programs that improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. They are committed to assisting non-profit organizations that are important to their customers and their families.

Tom Thumb offers customers a way to direct donation dollars to their favorite church, school or other non-profit organization. Since the program began in the fall of 1996, Tom Thumb/Randalls has donated nearly $48 million to over 8000 participating organizations. Through the Good Neighbor Program, organizations sign up to have an exclusive account number. Members of an organization can then link the account number to their Rewards card. You can link your favorite participating charity to your Rewards card by completing a Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form. The more people who link their card to the organization's account number, the more money the organization will raise. 

Thank you for partnering with Tom Thumb in helping the organizations that make our communities such wonderful places to live.

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